Places and Activities les BCBG
Places and Activities les BCBG

Bouillon Castle

The den of Godfrey of Bouillon overlooks with a false nonchalance the small city with slate roofs that borders the peaceful Semois. A silhouette as majestic as it is legendary, reminding us that Broth was once an impregnable fortress.

There is a legend that generations of schoolchildren have passed on to each other: a secret underground passage linking the castles of Bouillon and Sedan, as if to strengthen the links between the historic cities on either side of the border. Alas, historians are certain that this underground passage never existed. Some 20km from its "young" cousin in the French Ardennes, the castle of Bouillon remains a "must" of the heritage. A noble bastion whose magic still works.


Open all year round except for a few weeks in January.
Opening times vary from day to day, so it is best to check in advance. 


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