Places and Activities les BCBG
Places and Activities les BCBG

Eco-Festival "Cabaret Vert


Sustainable development is not just a trendy concept. It's everybody's business, and it's the soul of the Cabaret Vert. The festival would never have happened without the organisers' desire to raise public awareness of these issues.

The Cabaret is a whole. We play it sustainable in all the compartments of the festival... The music, the movies, the comics, the shows, the food, the drink, the welcome, the speakers. We try to be coherent.
We are talking about ecology of course, biodiversity, waste management, energy, but also social links, responsible consumption, short circuits, the life of a territory, social entrepreneurship, solidarity...


From 17 August to 21 August


Tel : 03 24 36 12 68

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